These days, we find ourselves mapping more and more runs on the go — on our commute, in between meetings or while waiting for friends. We think that the future of mapping is mobile and we’re working hard to create as many tools as we can, so runners always have the power to map their distance and route from their phones, wherever they are in the world.

This week, we released Free Hand Mapping — a tool that gives you the option to map on roads, footpaths and trails that might not be on any map. If there is a place you love to run, but for some reason it’s not on the map, then you can now free hand trace that route and measure the distance.

No more creating routes that are kind of like the one you run; instead, get more accurate distance measurements by filling in all the details — those small loops and parks where you like to soak in the fresh air down to the track you like to run but isn’t yet on the map.

We’ve tried to make toggling between Free Hand and standard mapping as easy as possible. All you have to do is start mapping and the free hand option will appear. Tap on Free Hand to toggle the feature on. You’ll know you’re in free hand mode when the button turns black. Toggle on and off as many times as you’d like while mapping your run.

We hope that Free Hand Mapping not only gives you the ability to map more routes, but inspires you to get outside and explore new places while you’re running.