Our Top 5 Favorite Running Routes in Mayagüez

July 20, 2018 

Mayagüez offers some of the best places to run in Puerto Rico. It has all types of terrain, like mountains, beaches, forests, city streets and even really beautiful fields. Whether you’re looking for a run along the ocean or a steep hill climb — Mayagüez has it all.

And we’re not just saying that because we think it’s great — these routes are ones that we’ve run ourselves.

Check out our favorite running routes in the area and next time you’re on the west side, don’t forget to pack your shoes!

UPR Mayagüez Campus
2.80 miles // 4.51 km — Mix of road and trail — Before 9:30 am and after 4:00pm

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1 — Mayaguez Running Route: 18.213769, -67.144831

One of the best places to run is around El Colegio — UPR Mayagüez — recognized as one of the best universities in Puerto Rico. If you live in Mayagüez, or you’re visiting the west, then you definitely don’t want to miss running around the campus. Even if you’re not in college, you’ll enjoy the campus buildings and nature along this running route through the heart of campus. You’ll pass the Rafael A. Mangual Coliseum, UPRM Library and through the Experimental Agricultural Station.

Mayagüez Hills
3.33 miles // 5.36 km — Mix of road and trail — Before 9:30 am and after 4:00 pm

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2 — Mayaguez Running Route: 18.213454, -67.140799

This route heads northeast off campus toward the Academy of Immaculate Conception. There is plenty of tree coverage here to shade you from the sun and sidewalks along the way to keep you out of the way of traffic. The rolling hills are perfect for elevation training and make it a quick run back to campus.

Mayagüez City Run
4.92 miles // 7.92 km — Flat, oceanside — Before 9:30 am and after 4:00 pm

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3 — Mayaguez Running Route: 18.206279, -67.148266

If you’re looking to run a flatter route in Mayagüez that has a little bit of every kind of terrain, then this is a great choice for you. Once you get off campus, run along the Parque de Los Pròceres into downtown Mayagüez and then head along the ocean all the way to Parque Litoral. It’s better to do this route early in the morning or at night after rush hour, so you’re not slowed down by traffic when crossing streets.

We love this running route because it takes you right along the ocean in Mayagüez, offering a cool sea breeze and a really nice paved path for running.

Ocean Run
2.77 miles //  4.46 km — Totally flat cruise along the ocean — 9:30 am and after 4:00 pm

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4 — Mayaguez Running Route: 18.185650, -67.168694

Instead of starting at UPR Mayagüez, this running route starts and ends on the water. You should know that there isn’t a sidewalk on the entirety of this route, but the views are worth it. You can hug the right side of the road and enjoy views of the bay. This is one of our favorite running routes for hot days because you can jump in the ocean to cool off after.

UPRM to the Ocean
4.88 miles // 7.85 km — Starts out flat and ends with a small climb — 9:30 am and after 4:00 pm

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5 — Mayaguez Running Route: 18.194535, -67.151834

If you want to stretch out your ocean run and take in the views of UPR Mayagüez, then check out this route. Very similar to the ocean running route, this one is perfect for when you need to stretch out your training mileage for the week.

Let us know in the comment section below about your favorite running routes in Mayagüez or on the west side!

Gadiel Rodriguez
My love for running began in my hometown in eastern Puerto Rico. I love to run in all types of landscapes and to feel the freedom of running in nature. I spend most of my time running near beaches and rural areas around my college UPR Mayagüez.


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